Why Join PTA?

PTA membership shows your passionate support for schools and public education.

PTAs work in partnership with schools and communities to ensure children have the greatest opportunity to reach their potential.

PTAs at the local, State and National levels advocate on behalf of children on matters of education, health and safety.  Higher membership numbers indicate greater support for these initiatives.  In fact, there are nearly 500,000 PTA members in Texas, of which more than 20,000 are PTA members in the RISD Council of PTAs.  Your membership counts, quite literally, and reflects that you indeed Back The Future.



Membership Goals and Monthly Incentives

Annual Council Goal for 2022-2023:  Our overall membership goal for this year, as a council, is to get to 20,000 members by the end of the school year. We can do this!


Texas PTA's Monthly Membership Goal

Download the local member awards flyer in English and Spanish from the Texas PTA website. 


Please contact  our VP of Membership for more information.




Thank you PTA Angels for backing the future together


As a PTA Angel, your generosity and dedication to education set you apart through your significant commitment to RISD and 37,000+ students.  You'll be recognized on the RISD Council of PTAs website and newsletter and receive a certificate of appreciation.  The PTAs you thoughtfully support will be informed about your generosity and might honor you, too. 

Please contact our  Angels Memberships Chair for more information.


2022 - 2023 Platinum Angel Members

Tabitha Branum - RISD Superintendent, RISD Parent
Marcie Salamone - RISD Council of PTAs Board member
Meredyth Childress - RISD Council of PTAs 5 th VP Performances, RISD Parent
Christopher Poteet - Richardson ISD Board of Trustees - Place 7 (At Large)
Joey Kaner - RISD Community Member
Dr. Darwin Spiller - RISD Executive Director Title IX Compliance and Investigations
David Pate - RISD Chief Financial Officer
Rob Thomson - Community Member, Wolfpack Graphic Printing
Angie Chen Button - State Representative District 112

Tommy Lamberth- Assistant Principal Lake Highlands High School

Eric Eager- RISD Community Member

Christopher Goodsoon- RISD Community Member

Kimberly Grossman- RISD Community Member

LalitaSakthi Howell- RISD Council of PTAs President 


2022 - 2023 Diamond Angel Members

Will you be our first?


2022 - 2023 Golden Angel Members

Cecilia Galvan -RISD Director Attendance and Truancy

Debbie Renteria- RISD Community Member

Mark Dempsey-  RISD Community Member


2022 - 2023 Golden Special Angel Members
Shawna Ballast - RISD Chief Intervention Officer
Dr. Kristin Byno - RISD Assistant Superintendent Teaching & Learning, RISD Parent
Andrew Goodman - RISD Council of PTAs Board member, RISD Parent
Amanda Hansen - RISD Parent
Sandra Hayes - RISD Assistant Superintendent of Operations
Dr. Melissa Heller - RISD Chief of Strategy & Engagement, RISD Parent
Emily Villamar-Robbins - RISD Parent
Liz Morse - RISD Staff
Henry Hall - RISD Chief Technology Officer

Vanessa Pacheco- RISD Parent

Katie Smith - RISD Parent
Casey Boland- RISD Staff

Mike Jasso- RISD Chief of Staff

2022 - 2023 Silver Angel Members
Katie Barrett - RISD Chief Executive Director of Special Student Services
Suzi Kennon - Texas PTA President
Evan Lossing - Mathnasium of Coit @ Campbell
Linda West - RISD Community Member

Alexis Cass- RISD Community Member

Michelle Gabriel- Principal Forestridge

Jennifer Hurst- RISD Community Member
Felicia Easter - RISD Staff

Alison Zelaya - RISD Community Member

2022 - 2023 Bronze Angel Members
Ellen Bond - RISD Parent
Laura Brownlee - RISD Parent, RISD Council of PTAs Board member
Jeri Duncan - RISD Community Member
Mina Frannea - RISD Council of PTAs Board member
Stephanie Grossman - RISD Parent
Kelley Thomas – Texas PTA VP Leadership
Kim Winters - RISD Community Member
Leslie Slovak - Executive Director of Athletics
Bridget Horan - School Counselor, Dover Elementary
Elizabeth Afriyie – RISD Council of PTAs Historian

Rebecca Gray - Parkhill JH Teacher

Megan Benavides- RISD Council of PTAs Board member, RISD Parent

Candice Singleton- RISD Parent

Cameka Crawford-Executive Director of the Richardson ISD Foundation

Bonnie Altimore- Assistant Principal at Big Springs Elementary

Tiffany Rogers- RISD Community Member

Maria Ethetton - RISD Community Member

Christina Etri - RISD Community Member

Megan Tschewik - RISD Community Member

Julie Roach- RISD Council of PTAs Board member

2022 - 2023 Golden Eagle Members
Chris Choat
 – Principal, Richardson High School, RISD Parent
Jason Philyaw - RISD Communications Specialist, RISD Parent 
Rachelle Sward - Teacher, Northwood Hills Elementary
Becky Campbell – RISD Community member
Robin Gunter - RISD Executive Director Instructional Technology
Melanie Jackson – RISD Community member
Katie Mottram - Westwood Jr. High Principal
Libby Oliver - RISD Administrative Manager, Board Relations

Liz Gluckman - RISD Parent

2022-2023 Golden Mustang Members
Carrie Breedlove – Principal, J.J. Pearce High School
Pam Aitken – Principal, Prestonwood Elementary
Farrah Smock – Principal, Parkhill Jr. High, RISD Parent
Anna Wynne - RISD Community Member
Matt Bowman - RISD Community Member

Carolyn Power- RISD Community Member

2022 - 2023 Golden Ram Members 
Sarah Barker
 - RISD Council of PTAs 1st VP, RISD Parent
Yolanda Gaither - Apollo Jr. High Principal, RISD Parent
Susan Varner - RISD Community Member 
Trey Bryant III- Berkner Athletic Coordinator
Juanita Armstrong - RISD Council of PTAs 2 nd VP Programs, RISD Parent
April Renno - RISD Council of PTAs Parliamentarian, RISD Parent

Lorie Squalls-Executive Director of the Berkner Learning Community

Vanessa Pacheco- RISD Board of Trustee

Elaina Selheim - RISD Techer 

Kristy Cage - Principle Berkner High School 


2022-2023 Golden Wildcat Members
Kelvin Bradford - Skyview Elementary Assistant Principal
Susan Burt - Forest Meadow Jr. High Principal
Jennie Bates - Executive Director
Michelle Duke - Skyview Elementary Assistant Principal
Casey Boland - LHHS Teacher
Charles Bruner- Executive Director of Human Resources LHLC
Carolyn Potter - RISD Council of PTAs Board member, RISD Parent

Stacey Marx - Principle Merriman Park Elementry
Katrina Collins - RISD Staff

Elizabeth Ryan - RISD Staff

Masud Shamsid-Deen - RISD Community Member 

2022-2023 Silver Bronco  Members
Katherine de la Garza- RISD Community member

2022-2023 Silver Charger Members
Katie Mackinson - RISD Council of PTAs member
Ginger Greenberg - RISD Community member

Jennifer Whitaker- RISD Community member
2022-2023 Silver Panther Members
Holly Gordon - Assistant Principal Yale Elementary

Elizabeth Harling  - RISD Community member


2022 - 2023 Silver Patriot Members

Will you be our first?


2022 - 2023 Silver Raider Members

Michelle Jackson- RISD Community member


2022 - 2023 Silver Viking Members

Will you be our first? 


2022 - 2023 Silver Wolf Members

Jordan Teeple- RISD Parent 


2022 - 2023 Silver Wildcat Members

Will you be our first?




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