Why Join PTA?

PTA membership shows your passionate support for schools and public education.

PTAs work in partnership with schools and communities to ensure children have the greatest opportunity to reach their potential.

PTAs at the local, State and National levels advocate on behalf of children on matters of education, health and safety.  Higher membership numbers indicate greater support for these initiatives.  In fact, there are nearly 500,000 PTA members in Texas, of which more than 20,000 are PTA members in the RISD Council of PTAs.  Your membership counts, quite literally, and reflects that you indeed Back The Future.

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Thank you PTA Angels for backing the future together


As a PTA Angel, your generosity and dedication to education set you apart through your significant commitment to RISD and 39,000+ students.  You'll be recognized on the RISD Council of PTAs website and newsletter and receive a certificate of appreciation.  The PTAs you thoughtfully support will be informed about your generosity and might honor you, too. 

Please contact Sarah Barker for more information.

2020-2021 Platinum Angel Members
Justin Bono, RISD Parent
Tabitha Branum, RISD Deputy Superintendent, RISD Parent
Carrie Breedlove, J.J. Pearce High Principal
Angie Chen Button, Texas House of Representatives
Kim Caston, RISD Board of Trustees
Karen Clardy, RISD School Board President
Eric Eager, RISD Board of Trustees, RISD Parent
Christopher Goodson, RISD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, RISD Parent
Marni Kaner, TX PTA Vice President of Membership, RISD Council of PTA Parliamentarian
Sari McCoy, RISD Executive Director of Career & Technical Education
Steve Mitchell, Richardson City Councilman, RISD Parent
David Pate, RISD Chief Financial Officer
Carolyn Potter, RISD Council of PTA President
Marcie Salamone, RISD Council of PTA Secretary & Vice Chair Membership
Darwin Spiller, Executive Director of Title IX Compliance and Investigations
Jeannie Stone, RISD Superintendent
Jason Tharp, RISD Director of Student Services 
2020-2021 Diamond Angel Member
Brenda Payne, RISD Assistant Superintendent Administrative Services 
2020- 2021 Golden Angel Members
Nicole Adair, RISD Parent
Chanda Ash, Bowie Elementary Principal, RISD Parent
Assurnet Insurance Agency
Shawna Ballast, RISD Chief of Literacy & Intervention
Pamela Barr, RISD Community Member
Stefani Blackman, RISD Student Services Administrator, RISD Parent
Casey Boland, Lake Highlands High School Teacher
Jeff Bradford, RISD Executive Director of Fine Arts, RISD Parent
Kristin Byno, RISD Assistant Superintendent, RISD Parent
CFBISD Council of PTA's
Melanie Cowlishaw, RISD Community Member
Delta Phi Epsilon, NTAA
Shereen ElDomeiri, RISD Community Member
Elizabeth Gluckman, Past President RISD Council of PTA, RISD Parent
Jan Granger, RISD Community Member
Angela Greca, RISD Bilingual/ESL Specialist, RISD Parent
Kimberly Grossman, RISD Parent
Amanda Hansen, RISD Parent
Susan Heimbuch, RISD Community Member
Melissa Heller, RISD Chief of Strategy & Engagement, RISD Parent
Emily Hennessy, RISD Parent
Michelle Jones, RISD Parent
Jenny Kelly, RISD Coordinator of Music
Tommy Lamberth, Lake Highlands High Asst. Principal, RISD Parent
Lizeth LoCicero, RISD Community Member
Alisa Makler, RISD Community Member
Liz Morse, RISD Chief Government Affairs & Community Engagement
Vanessa Pacheco, RISD Parent
Jason Philyaw, RISD Communications Specialist, RISD Parent
Katy Phinney, RISD Pre-K Program Director
Brian Prewitt, RISD Communications
Mark Radman, RISD Community Member
Ana-Maria Ramos, Texas House Representative
Laura Read, RISD Community Member
Debbie Renteria, RISD Board of Trustees
Melissa Ridzinski, RISD Parent
Jessica Slaughter, RISD Parent
Katie Smith, Spring Creek Elementary PTA President, RISD Parent
Kaylan Dixon Smith, RISD Community Member
Karen Springs, RISD Parent
Suzanne Stirnweis, RISD Community Member
Rebecca Stoker, RISD Parent
Kate Swiney, RISD Community Member
Michael Thomas, Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet Principal, RISD Parent
Francisco Villamar, RISD Parent
Emily Villamar-Robbins, RISD Parent
Michele Zupa, Richardson Terrace Elementary Principal, RISD Parent
2020-2021 Silver Angel Members
Jane Aitchison, Retired RISD
Dancewear City
Christina Etri, RISD AVID Teacher, RISD Parent
Mina Frannea, RISD Council of PTA Communications Chair & Website Administrator, RISD Parent
Terri Greenspan, RISD Community Member
Bridget Horan, RISD Counselor
Matthew Morris, Lake Highlands High Asst. Principal
North Dallas Martial Arts
Sara Sharkey, RISD Educational Diagnostician, RISD Parent
Monica Simonds, RISD Director of Advanced Learning Programs and Services
JoAnn Tobey, RISD Community Member 
Linda West, RISD Community Member
2020-2021 Bronze Angel Members
Elizabeth Afriyie, RISD Council of PTA 5th VP Performances, RISD Parent
Lindsay Baronoskie, RISD Technology Asst./Outdoor Learning Coordinator, RISD Parent
Sarah Barker, RISD Council of PTA 3rd VP Membership, RISD Parent
Ellen Bond, RISD Parent
Cathy Brannum, RISD Community Member
Christopher Brown, RISD Parent
Laura Brownlee, RISD Council of PTA Environmental Chair, RISD Parent
Bethany Celmins, RISD Community Member
Penny Chapman, RISD Community Member
Charlie Cohn, RISD Community Member
Michelle Falk, RISD Parent
Karen Fields, Spring Creek Elementary Assistant Principal
Bill Gallo, RISD Director of Memorial Park Academy, RISD Parent
Heather Garrett, RISD Intervention Counselor, RISD Parent
Kris Garst, RISD Community Member
Lisa Goldberg, RISD Community Member
Brooke Green, Past RISD Council of PTA Volunteer Services Chair
Lisa Gregg, RISD Parent
Stephanie Grossman, RISD Parent
Elizabeth Harling, RISD Community Member
Limor Hazi, RISD Community Member
Christy Howell, RISD Council of PTA Volunteer Services Chair, RISD Parent
Jennifer Hurst, RISD Community Member
Marci Kellner, Galveston ISD
Suzi Kennon, RISD Community Member
Dusti Krchnak, RISD Parent
Karen Linnartz, RISD Community Member
Eileen Martell, RISD Community Member
Dawn Martin, RISD Community Member
Dinah Miller, RISD Community Member
Heidi Moore, RISD Parent
Shavon Moore, RISD Parent
Stacy Morris, RISD Campus Liaison for Financial Services
Jennifer Newsom, RISD Advanced Learning Teacher 
Vanessa Pacheco, RISD Parent
Desi Ramirez, RISD Council of PTA Parliamentarian, RISD Parent
Kathy Roberts, RISD Community Member
Terri Robins, RISD Community Member
Tiffany Rogers, RISD Community Member
Margaret Rozendaal, RISD Community Member
Arlene Sandgarten, RISD Community Member
Kimberly Sierra, RISD LITE, RISD Parent
Candice Singleton, RISD Parent
Leslie Slovak, RISD Executive Director of Athletics, RISD Parent
Marcel Solman, RISD Community Member
Sandy Somer, RISD Parent
Cassey Stephens, RISD Technical Assistant, RISD Parent
Amanda Stevens, RISD Parent
Joan Swim, RISD AVID Director
Carrie Theis, RISD Parent
Kelley Thomas, RISD Community Member
Aaron Ward, Prestonwood Elementary Asst. Principal, RISD Parent
Leslie Ward, RISD Parent
Connie Wilcoxen, RISD Community Member
Anita Williams, RISD Community Member
Kim Winters, RISD Community Member
Heather Woodlee, RISD Community Member
Kelli York, RISD Parent
2020-2021 Golden Eagle Members
Andrea Bard, RISD Community Member
Lauren Bolack, Math Science Technology Magnet Principal, RISD Parent
Becky Campbell, RISD Council of PTA Clothes Closet 1 Chair, RISD Parent
Chris Choat, Richardson High Principal, RISD Parent
Katherine de la Garza, RISD Parent
Teresa Dorman, RISD Parent
Michael Dowdey, RISD Parent
Brenna Eager, RISD Council of PTA 4th VP Used Book Fair, RISD Parent
Lalita Howell, RISD Council of PTA 1st VP Aide, RISD Parent
Cristal Kesner, RISD Council of PTA Healthy Lifestyles Chair, RISD Parent
Kimberly Kindred, West Jr High Principal, RISD Parent
Linda Koop, RISD Community Member
Debra Levy, RISD Community Member
Katie Mottram, Westwood Jr High Principal
Katie Smith, Spring Creek Elementary PTA President, RISD Parent
Suzanne Stirnweis, RISD Community Member
Kristin Strickland, Arapaho Classical Magnet Principal 
Megan Tschewik, RISD Parent
2020-2021 Golden Mustang Members
Pam Aitken, Prestonwood Elementary Principal
Stefani Blackman, RISD Student Services Administrator, RISD Parent
Josh Eason, Richardson North Jr High Principal
Dan Gesin, RISD Parent
Lisa Gesin, RISD Parent
Linda Koop, RISD Community Member
Susan Mandell, RISD Parent
Cara Mendelsohn, RISD Parent
Jason Myatt, Brentfield Elementary Principal
Carolyn Power, RISD Community Member
Farrah Smock, Parkhill Jr High Principal, RISD Parent
Tongue in Cheek Ice Cream
Anna Wynne, RISD Community Member 

2020-2021 Golden Ram Members
Sarah Barker, RISD Council of PTA Vice President of Membership, RISD Parent
Kristy Cage, Berkner High & STEM Academy Principal
Sharon Erickson, Audelia Creek Elementary Principal
Yolanda Gaither, Apollo Jr High Principal, RISD Parent
Cecilia Galvan, Liberty Jr High Principal
Sandra Hayes, RISD Assistant Superintendent, Operations
Connie Heise, RISD Community Member
Christy Howell, RISD Council of PTA Volunteer Services Chair, RISD Parent
Catherine Kelly, Mark Twain Elementary Principal
Linda Koop, RISD Community Member
Mike Jasso, RISD Executive Director Berkner Learning Community
Elaina Selheim, Big Springs Elementary Teacher, RISD Parent
Elizabeth Swaner, RISD Executive Director of Advanced Learning Service
Susan Varner, RISD Community Member 

2020-2021 Golden Wildcat Members
Dan Barrios, RISD Council of PTA Legislative Action Chair, RISD Teacher, RISD Parent
Jennie Bates, RISD Executive Director of Lake Highlands Learning Community, RISD Parent
Merilee Biancardi, RISD Parent
Tracey Bishkin, RISD Teacher
Kelvin Bradford, Skyview Elementary Asst. Principal
Charles Bruner, RISD Executive Director of Human Resources
Susan Burt, Forest Meadow Jr High Principal
Katrina Collins, Skyview Elementary Principal
Melissa Duffield, White Rock Elementary PTA President, RISD Parent
Michelle Duke, Skyview Elementary Asst. Principal
Exchange Club of Lake Highlands
Kendall Hutchinson, Lake Highlands High Assistant Principal, RISD Parent
Kerri Jones, Lake Highlands High Principal, RISD Parent 
Woot Lervisit, RISD Community Member
Helen Saxon, RISD Teacher 
Becky Stevens, White Rock Elementary Principal, RISD Parent
Emily Villamar-Robbins, RISD Parent
2020-2021 Silver Bronco  Members
2020-2021 Silver Charger Members
Lisa Wentzel, RISD Parent
Jennifer Whitaker, RISD Educational Diagnostician, RISD Parent

2020-2021 Silver Panther Members
April Renno, RISD Parent
2020-2021 Silver Patriot Members
Francy Collins, RISD Community Member
2020-2021 Silver Raider Members
CFBISD Council of PTA's
Waterloo Ice House
2020-2021 Silver Viking Members
Cathleen Pittman, RISD Community Member
2020-2021 Silver Warrior Members
CFBISD Council of PTA's
2020-2021 Silver Wildcat Members 



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