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PTA membership shows your passionate support for schools and public education.

PTAs work in partnership with schools and communities to ensure children have the greatest opportunity to reach their potential.

PTAs at the local, State and National levels advocate on behalf of children on matters of education, health and safety.  Higher membership numbers indicate greater support for these initiatives.  In fact, there are nearly 500,000 PTA members in Texas, of which more than 18,000 are PTA members in the RISD Council of PTAs.  Your membership counts, quite literally, and reflects that you indeed Back The Future.

Thank you PTA Angels for backing the future together


As a PTA Angel, your generosity and dedication to education set you apart through your significant commitment to RISD and 38,000+ students.  You'll be recognized on the RISD Council of PTAs website and newsletter and receive a certificate of appreciation and window decal.  The PTAs you thoughtfully support will be informed about your generosity and might honor you, too. 

Please contact Susie Spartano members@risdpta.org for more information.
2017-2018 Platinum Angel Members
Jeff Armitage- Past RISD Council of PTAs President
Shokoufeh Asl- Owner Asl Junsur Martial Arts
Scott Bennett- Owner Skratch.co
Tabitha Branum- Deputy Superintendent-RISD
Justin Bono- President, RISD Board of Trustees
Kim Caston- Treasurer, RISD Board of Trustees
Meredyth Childress- President, RISD Council of PTAs
Bill Ferrell- Administrative Pastor- The Heights Baptist Church
Marni Kaner- RISD Council 3rd VP Membership, Past Council President, Texas PTA Field Service Committee
Rebecca Obenhaus- RISD Council 5th VP Performances
Ana-Maria Ramos- RISD Parent
Dr. Jeannie Stone- RISD Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Jason Tharp- Principal- Richland Elementary School
2017-2018 Diamond Angel Members
Brenda Payne- Assistant Superintendent Elementary -RISD
Darwin Spiller- Executive Director Elementary- RISD

2017- 2018 Golden Angel Members
Emily Armitage- 7th Grade Student- Westwood Junior High
Charles Bruner- Executive Director Secondary Staffing
Dr. Carolyn Bukhair- Retired Superintendent of Schools RISD, Acting President of the Excellence in Education Foundation
Dr. Kristin Byno- RISD Assistant Superintendent Secondary
Melinda Carter-District In-Home and Parent Trainer RISD
Carmen Casamayor-Ryan- Director BIL/ESL/PK Newcomer Center RISD
Karen Clardy- RISD Board of Trustees
Maria Conroy- Executive Director Excellence in Education Foundation
Kim Fuller- RISD Executive Director of Grants and Entitlements
Dr. Chris Goodson- Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Sandra Hayes- Assistant Superintendent Technology
Gail Hefton- Past RISD Council of PTAs President
Melissa Heller- Executive Director Professional Development RISD
Jenny Kelly- RISD Director of Elementary Music
The Honorable Linda Koop- Representative, District 102- Texas House of Representatives
Angela McClure-RISD Executive Director- Elementary
Chris Moore- RISD Chief Communications Officer
Brian Prewitt- AV Tech Engineer/Manager RISD
Melissa Ridzinski- RISD Council Character and Spiritual Chair
Kellie Sellers- RISD Director of Health and PE
Masud Shamsid-Deen- RISD Executive Director CTE
Kim Sullivan- Executive Director Elementary- RISD
Kate Swiney- President- J.J. Pearce High School PTA
Edi Truong- Director of Finance- RISD
2017-2018 Silver Angel Members
Jean Bono-RISD Board of Trustees
Maria Ethetton- RISD Academy Parent Liaison and PTA President
Christina Etri- Teacher- Richardson Terrace and RISD Parent
Casey Gray- Assistant Principal Forest Meadow Junior High
Lisa Hamilton- RISD Dyslexia Teacher
Joey Kaner- RISD Alumus
The Honorable Linda Koop- Representative, District 102- Texas House of Representatives
Sandra Moore- Executive Director HR Mentoring and Retention RISD
Kim Malcom- RISD Director of LOTE
David Pate- Chief Financial Officer RISD
Katie Patterson- RISD Board of Trustees
Richardson Adult Literacy Center- Katie Patterson- Executive Director
Monica Simonds- RISD Director of Advanced Academic Studies
Suzanne Stirnweis- RISD Grandparent
Michele Zupa- Principal Richardson Terrace Elementary
2017-2018 Bronze Angel Members
Elizabeth Afriyie- Reflections Chair- RISD Council of PTAs
Pam Aitken- Principal- Prestonwood Elementary School
Becky Campbell- Clothes Closet Chair - RISD Council of PTAs
Cody Campbell- RISD Parent
Francy Collins- Community Member and Past RISD Parent
Molly Fawkes- Wallace PTA President
Anthea Fellone- RISD Council of PTAs Clothes Closet Vice Chair
Liz Gluckman- RISD Council Parliamentarian and Past Council President
Lanet Greenhaw- Former RISD Board of Trustees
Michael Jasso- RISD Executive Director-Secondary Curriculum and Instruction
Nancy Kinzie- Executive Director of Human Resources RISD
Dusti Krchnak- President Prestonwood PTA
Rose Ann Martin- RISD Child Nutrition
Stacy Morris- Campus Liaison for Financial Services RISD
Denise Newman- Asst. Principal- White Rock Elementary School
Milissa Pfeiffer- Director, Secondary Social Studies- RISD
Brandi Rosales-Library & Information Technology Administrator RISD
Joan Swim- Director AVID RISD
Emily Villamar-Robbins- SAGE Chair- RISD Council of PTAs
Leslie Ward- RISD Parent and PTA Board Member
Mary Welch- Human Resources Director of Salary and Compensation RISD
Anita Williams- RISD Parent
2017-2018 Golden Eagle Members
Chris Choat- Principal- Richardson High School
JoAnne Kephart- Dyslexia Teacher, Richardson High School
Kimberly Kindred- Principal Richardson West Junior High

2017-2018 Golden Mustang  Members
Julie Haba- Mathnausium Coit and Campbell- Center Director
Krisitn Kuhne- RISD Board of Trustees
Gail McAda- Past Texas PTA and RISD Council of PTAs President, Clothes Closet Chair RISD Council
Carolyn Power- Community Member

2017-2018 Golden Ram  Members
Elizabeth Swanner- RISD Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Jeri Warren- RISD Parent

2017-2018 Golden Wildcat  Members
Linda Casey- RISD Executive Director of Instructional Technology K-12
Amy Timmerman- LOCAL Resident Realty
Becky Stevens- Principal Lake Highlands Elementary
Melanie Yungclas- RISD Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction
2017-2018 Silver Bronco  Members
Liz Gluckman- RISD Council Parliamentarian and Past Council President
Crystalyn Anne Roberts- Clothes Closet chair- RISD Council of PTAs
2017-2018 Silver Charger  Members
Julie Bonahoom- Community Member
Philip Henderson- Principal- Moss Haven Elementary

2017-2018 Silver Panther  Members
Ann Brown- Fine Arts Department, RISD
Ginger Tonne- Past RISD Council of PTAs President
Mark Solomon- Mayor Pro Tem- City of Richardson

2017-2018 Silver Patriot Members
Jenifer Florence-RBFCU

2017-2018 Silver Raider Members
2017-2018 Silver Viking Members
Brooke Green- Prairie Creek PTA President, Volunteer Services Chair- RISD Council of PTAs
Mark Solomon- Mayor Pro Tem- City of Richardson
2017-2018 Silver Warrior  Members
Cindy Rea- Fine Arts Department, RISD

2017-2018 Silver Wildcat  Members
Merilee Biancardi- White Rock PTA Membership chair
Cristal Kesner- RISD Council of PTAs CMLC Chair
Carolyn Potter- RISD Council of PTAs 4th VP- Used Book Fair

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