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Elementary School PTAs

Aikin Elementary PTA 
Arapaho Classical Magnet PTA
Audelia Creek Elementary PTA 
Big Springs Elementary PTA 
Bowie Elementary PTA 
Brentfield Elementary PTA 
Canyon Creek Elementary PTA
Carolyn Bukhair Elementary PTA 
Dartmouth Elementary PTA 

Dobie PreK School PTA 
Dover Elementary PTA 
Forest Lane Academy PTA 
Forestridge Elementary PTA

Greenwood Hills Elementary PTA

Hamilton Park Pacesetter Magnet PTA
Jess Harben Elementary PTA
Lake Highlands Elementary PTA
Mark Twain Elementary PTA
Math/Science/Technology Magnet (MST) PTA 
Merriman Park Elementary PTA 
Mohawk Elementary PTA
Moss Haven Elementary PTA
Northlake Elementary PTA

Northrich Elementary PTA
Northwood Hills Elementary PTA
O. Henry Elementary PTA
Prairie Creek Elementary PTA
Prestonwood Elementary PTA
Richardson Heights Elementary PTA
Richardson Terrace Elementary PTA  
Richland Elementary PTA
RISD Academy PTA
Skyview Elementary PTA
Spring Creek Elementary PTA
Springridge Elementary PTA
Spring Valley Elementary PTA
Stults Road Elementary PTA
Thurgood Marshall Elementary PTA
Wallace Elementary PTA
White Rock Elementary PTA
Yale Elementary PTA


Junior High School PTAs

Apollo Junior High PTA
Forest Meadow Jr. High PTA Lake Highlands Jr. High PTA
Liberty Jr. High PTA

Parkhill Jr. High PTA
Richardson North Jr. High PTA
Richardson West Jr. High PTA
Westwood Jr. High PTA   

High School PTAs

JJ Pearce High School PTA
Lake Highlands High School PTA
L.V. Berkner High School PTA
Richardson High School PTA


Early Childhood PTA

Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA





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