SAGE - Special & Gifted Education

What is SAGE?

In Richardson PTAs, SAGE stands for “Special and Gifted Education.”  Our committee was established by the Council of PTAs to provide education, advocacy, and support for the families and educators of RISD students with special needs and learning differences.


Our areas of focus:

  • Special Education (includes all disability needs)
  • Dyslexia
  • Gifted
  • Social and Emotional Wellness (includes mental health)


What do these needs have in common?  All children with disabilities and learning differences require understanding and adjustments from parents and educators to allow them to learn and succeed in school. Through communication and resources available from the District, Texas PTA and National PTA, our mission is to increase awareness and understanding for parents, students, local PTA SAGE chairs and the community. 


SAGE communicates with parents and educators through social media and through e-mail updates to campus SAGE Chairs or other PTA board contacts. SAGE-sponsored events are shared with PTAs for their e-newsletters.  At local campuses, SAGE Chairs can help PTA boards to include students with special needs and their educators in PTA support, teacher appreciation, and other activities.  If your PTA unit would like to add a SAGE Chair to your campus PTA board, we are ready to assist! 


For more information about SAGE, please visit the SAGE Committee Facebook PageCouncil SAGE Resource Group,  or contact the PTA Council SAGE chair!  With your help, RISD PTAs can make sure that every child with special needs and learning differences is included in the PTA voice. 



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