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The Richardson ISD Council of PTAs Car Seat Project was spearheaded in 2004 by Joy Weinstein who started with 58 car seats at Dobie Pre-Kindergarten School. Each year, we give new car seats and booster seats to underprivileged children within our school district. 


Donations for the Car Seat Fund are provided by local units, individuals and businesses. 

Principals and counselors determine which families are in need and communicate these needs to the Council Chair for Health & Safety.


When applicable, our Healthy Lifestyles Chair will be contacting all elementary principals to ask for student recipient information. The students who need to be in a safety seat are younger than 8 years old and less than 4 feet, 9 inches tall.

It is also not too late to give a donation to this project from your PTA!
Contact our Healthy Lifestyles Chair at with any questions or for more information.





Students who meet the following criteria will be considered:


  • Student must receive free/reduced lunch or be identified as a low-income family.
  • The child must be an enrolled student of your school.
  • Must fall within the state guidelines - 7 years old or younger, and shorter than 4’9” tall.
  • Students selected by staff of your choice, possibly the principal, counselor, school nurse, Community Outreach Liaison, and/or classroom teacher.


It is possible we will not be able to provide a car seat for every child that you submit on your list.  For that reason, please list the names of up to 10 children in a prioritized order using the best information and instincts that you have.  If you have more than 10 children, please contact me.


 Please complete this form for each child identified. 


  • In order to participate in the Car Seat Safety program, please submit all entries by Friday, February 17, 2023.


  • Car seats will be distributed after a short safety presentation at Dobie Elementary on Thursday, April 20, 2023. More details will be share closer to the event. 






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